Thursday, December 5, 2013

Doritos spill

I read this on facebook and thought it was something cool to share.  So basically what happened was a container fell off a ship during a big storm and was found off the coast of South Carolina by charter fishermen.  when they opened up they discovered that it was full with thousands of bags of Doritos.  After a few days these bags began to wash up on shore completely covering the beaches.   Right away people began rushing down to beaches trying to get their hands on as many Doritos as they could (they were still okay to eat because of their air tight seal).  people showed up with trash bags and even pick up trucks.  Finally after a few hours the park service was able to lock up the container and have it removed.  The Coast Guard was also puzzled on to how to go about dealing with this situation.  It was not a hazardous waste, if anything it was littering but everything was all cleaned up by people rushing to the beaches so it was unclear who to fine and what for.   If people were willing to clean up the coast for an oil spill or litter as much as they were for a Doritos spill the coast would remain a lot cleaner and safer.  I attached the article below for you to read if you'd like.  I just thought it was a cool article that pertained to the class and that it was a "spill" that had a positive affect on the coastal community because they all got free Doritos.

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